Dear Lord Shiva devotee, Its a very simple site, you can send your own photos of Lord Shiva temples , statues especially from Jyotir Lingam in india and also your pilgrimage experiences. Write to email id in Shirdi Saibaba Temple of humanity . Lord Shiva is one of my favourite God as i feel blissful when ever i see shiv ling and every time i visit ancient Shiva Temples.

Below is the photography i did on a holy Pradosham day by Saraswati's grace .

Lord Shiva Pooja

Bow to Lord Ganesha to help devotees of Lord Shiva realize the greatness of Chanting "Shiva mantra"

Om Namah Shivaaya......... Om Namah Shivaaya............. Om Namah Shivaaya

What is Sai Paadha Lingam ? Offer yourself in the holy feets of Shri Guru

Any guru you choose make sure he is a ancient Guru who lived a simple life like avadhoodha not like todays Mordern gurus living in luxury in the name of some spiritual charity trust etc

Build a internal Shiva temple :

Imagine as if theres a Lord Shiva statue "Shiva Lingam" in your self , i used to feel it in my chest area

Meditate offering your Chanting as flowers to Shiva Lingam :

Do pooja to Shiva Lingam , meditate remembering Gurus feets and the Shiva Lingam. See the Light of God. The Light of Shiva Lingam is "love".

This divine work is offered in the holy feets of Shiva Perumaan ( Lord Shiva ) , the God who made me love him to show that "God is one, Love is God and by offering your self - body,mind, speech and every action, in the holy feets of Sadguru and doing seva to Guru and God , chanting Guru/Gods name, one can merge their atman with the "Light " . "The eternal light of God in Shiva Lingam " .My Guru Shirdi Sainath,all the Guru's of Datta parampara, Siddha, Yogi, 63 Naayanmar , i offer this divine work in your holy feets.

You can easily imagine a "Shiva Lingam" - What about the Paadhukas - Holy feets of Guru :

"Sai paadhuka" means Shirdi saibaba's holy feets for sai devotees, if you have any other pure guru in Datta parampara, Lord Dattatreya or a ancient Yogi or sidhar , imagine the padhukas to be theirs .

If you don't have a Guru and believe only in Lord Shiva, imagine that "Your Atman which is Pure is your Guru and let these padhukas be padhukas of Lord Shiva himself .Hope you understood the concept, Some how a Guru is necessary to guide us, to show us a path or we have to accept our atman as Guru and correct ourself to see the light of God. Thank you for understanding the message i got in dream on July 2008 in a dream by Gods grace and Gurus favour. My dear pure Shiva devotees of this holy land "Bharatham" , Let us all togather chant "Om Nama Shivaaya" and Meditate ! .

The goal of this site is to help you develop devotion on Guru and God. A humble divine effort to help children of God to lead a pure peaceful life. - C. Venkat Raman -

My Fathers devotion on Shiva Lingam :

Any Gods work is possible only if our ancestors, family members have done good deeds along with our own good karma in several previous births. I am as ordinary as any other devotee of Guru Shirdi Saibaba and Lord Shiva , "Shiva perumaan" as we affectionately call him in tamil. From 2004 , i have realized the greatness of Lord Shiva. His leelas are enternal truth and all about Love.

Though i have gained some punya by worshipping Lord Shiva in Sangameshwaran temple every pradosham in 2005 , i honestly feel , it is the punya gained by my father P.Chandrasekaran , that made me show devotion on Shiva Lingam . My father has done Abishekam ( Holy bath ) to a small Lord Shiva and Nandhi statue we have for years. I have seen my father having great respect on Shiva perumaan and mostly he uses only water alone for holy bath of Shiva Lingam. I realized , our love for God must go beyond what we gain or loose in life and one good nature i like in my father is that he does his pooja everyday as an act of showing love on God.

Anbe Shivam - Love is God :

Most readers of this Divine work will be devotees of Lord Shiva or Shirdi Sai baba or any Sadguru. I have realized though i am doing some holy works , my mind is still a monkey. Ofcourse scriptures says " Our mind changes crores of times every minute". So imagine the mind which is always hooked to maya. This divine work is to help the children of God practice a simple way of meditation. NO....I am not starting another so called "Meditation technique" . Please let us not get in to this commercial world friends.

Washing the impurities in us by imagining theres a Shiva temple in us :

Let us see ourself alone. Let us see the impurities in Us, bad habits , unwated relationships and company, desires which are unable to control , Ego, lust, anger, greediness, jealousy and what not ... There are few things we wish to change but it happens due to habit.

I have tried many times to concentrate only on my Guru Bhakti, Guru Seva and other divine activities like doing pooja, abishekam , going to temples etc but i realized in kaliyug, unless otherwise we keep on remembering Gods name and his form, its not easy to be PURE.

Internal Pooja for Lord Subramanya, Sai and Shiva Lingam :

When i was working in Mumbai, one of my student gifted me a chanting counter, for few days i was not interested in it. Later this was my routine. I woke up, took bath, lit 2 lamps to Sainath, Shiva, mahalakshmi, Saraswathi and Ganesha photos , offer bhel leaves to a little Shiva Lingam in a temple, garland for Lord Hanuman and then take the train. While standing in the train , i used to imagine holy feets of Lord Subramanya ( karthikeya ) and do pooja. I imagine that i am offering chandan, honey, vibuthi ( sacred ash ) and water to Murugan. While doing this i used to chant some gods name . Being a shirdi saibaba devotee, i also used to do the same pooja for holy feets of Guru Sai baba. Sometimes i also imagine as if i am doing this holy bath and offer flowers to Shiva lingam in my own heart.

Building temple for Lord Shiva :

Sometimes i build my own imaginary temples. Since i was travelling in local train , very few moments i will be able to close my eyes. Though my eyes were open, i try to concentrate on my divine imagination. As if theres a Shiva temple, i go inside it, i see a Beautiful Shiva Lingam for which am doing holy bath with Milk, coconut water, Vibuthi, Honey, Ghee , chandan. Then i offer flowers , bhel leaves ....while doing this imagination atleast few seconds when i close my eyes, i was able to see really something divine, something more than what i could imagine.

I realized when we do our work properly, have good habits, maintain good friends alone and being devoted to God, if we imagine Gods form and Chant Gods name, Surely God will also do his leela by blessing us with divine feelings. Its something one has to experience. I have experienced it and when ever i did this internal pooja for Shiva Lingam and the holy paadhukas of Sainath , i have experienced bliss.

I hope you also experience the same. This is a simple meditation or you can say a sweet pooja for the Guru we love and God we adore. Where ever you are, what ever you do, offer yourself in the holy feets of Guru and gradually our guru will lead us to God .

God only looks at your devotion - Good deeds and thoughts :

So friend, I am not asking you to close your eyes or open your eyes or sit in a purticular posture. I am pleading for realizing a simple truth . " God wants your love - your devotion " . Theres no rules and regulations for devotion. Ofcourse theres some thing called being clean, keeping our place we live clean etc but beyond that "God looks only at our devotion" . Make sure you also cultivate good thoughts and deeds.

Theres a internal temple and an internal God - This Divine work is to help ourself build a temple for lord shiva in our own heart ( atman ) and do pooja to Shiva Lingam everyday mentally ,

Imagine that you do holy bath with chandan, vibuthi, honey,milk and water,

Then offer bhel leaves, flowers and garland

Then if you have a True guru ( Sadguru ) , Then imagine that you are doing the same holy bath, offering of flowers as per your ability to imagine.

Then chant any little chanting mantra of Lord Shiva or mantra of your sadguru

"Om Nama Shivaya" or Om...Om...Oooommm or "Sai Sai Sai , or " Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra or if you are interested the words shirdi sai baba asked me to chant through a dream which is "Sai Paadha Lingam"

Why imagine a Guru's Paadhuka - Greatness of Guru :

Guru from Dattatreya Parampara like Shri Paadha Shri Vallabha, Narasimha Saraswati, Swami Samartha, Saibaba of Shirdi whom i love to call as Sainath has stressed worship of Guru paadhukas. Further other saints and sidhars too have guided their deciples to show devotion to their gurus Holy feets which can be imagined through the Paadhukas.

Chanting "Om Namah Shivaya" :

You can chant "Om Nama Shivaya" , simple Om, Om Om or any Mantra of Lord Shiva . If interested and if you like it, you can choose to chant "Sai Paadha Lingam" . Honestly i myself don't chant "Sai Paadha lingam" much. Just because i got this dream i feel i must not neglect this and chant "sai paadha lingam". So you can always prefer to chant your favourite little mantra "Om Namah Shivaya".

The reason i kept this site by this name is because some people pray to lord shiva but they are not able to come out of their bad habits and bad nature like ego, anger, lust,money mindedness etc. So if such lord shiva devotees either follow a true Gurus path of light or do self analysis and try to avoid bad qualities and gradually involve in more good deeds,surely they will feel the power of lord shiva more beautifully. The concept is simple, Being a shiva devotee is not enoough, we must also make our self better human beings.

A Gods message which made me realize my devotion for Lord Shiva :

Well, in the past few years by grace of my Guru Shirdi Sai baba, i have been making very small websites for all Gods and Goddess in love. My Father was recently reading a Book about 63 Nayanmars and i also remembered the dream i had on July 2008 . Those days i used to go for work at 7 A.M and come back to my room very late at 12. I will be very tired and simply chant "Sai sai sai" or any Gods name and sleep. The name of this website is based on the below dream i got.

A dream by Gods grace and Gurus favour :

First of all before we proceed to the dream, Please remember God and Guru chooses different ways to guide his children. Two things i request you to avoid. Firstly , dont worry of you are missing such divine dreams. May be God has a better way to hint you or God choosed to be silently appreciate your devotion. Secondly, now a days this dreams , especially dreams from shirdi saibaba has become a thing to be proud or to gain some benefits.

Gods message must be implemented with purity and patience :

Any Gods message must be considered sacred and one must use it for welfare of humanity. I have got dreams that i build temple, i have to take it as a blessing and not immediately start to collect donation to build a temple unless i have the maturity to do it . We have to be careful in doing guru seva and never get attracted to money and fame.

Though i keep the dreams i get very personaly amoung my sai friends, this purticular words i got in dream became a website because i felt it inspires devotion. If you are reading so much in this site , i am sure any day , any time you will atleast try to imagine that you do pooja for any of your favourite God, Goddess or Guru. This alone is my goal and i offer it in the holy feets of sainath . Now listen to the beautiful dream....

What happens when a guru asks you to chant "Sai Paadha Lingam "

The dream was so vivid and clear...It must be early morning of someday in end of july 2008...

In the dream i see a person with bad omen is saying poetically in tamil which i don't want to reveal as only good things must be spreaded. He was saying as if its a achievement for him as it gave me setbacks in my career for years.I realized that in kaliyug , people who are devoted to god and guru become enemies of such evil people who are invisible to our eyes.

Then Shirdi Sai Baba appeared like a fakir and said

"Sai Paadha Lingam"

I felt as if Shirdi Saibaba is telling me that Now chant "Sai Paadha lingam" . I could clearly get the message that some one has been trying to spoil my life for years and sai was not able to help me for yearsthough i pray so much and do good deeds. Finally sai gave me this mantra "Sai paadha lingam" to chant everyday.

I believe in Lord Thirupathi venkateshwara's powers as my father named me venkat raman since i was born when he had a pilgrimage in Tirupati...Those days i was not remembering lord shiva that much but i love lord shiva also.

The dream was very small , a bad person doing some thing with evil stuff to see me sad and depressed. He is proud that he was able to hurt me though i am devoted to Sai and Shiva. So to help me , Sai gave me this little mantra to chant " Sai paadha lingam"

i woke up and saw the baba photo which i am worshipping everyday lighting lamps...

It has a mahalakshmi in right side of saibaba, lord Ganesha in left... sangu and sakaram in above sides and in the middle ...

background has a Shiva LINGAM and infront of the Lingam is a beautiful form of shirdi saibaba crossed legs , smiling with powerful small eyes.

I realized the photo and what Saibaba uttered in my dream were same

"Sai Paadha Lingam"

from that day when ever i go in train i used to chant

Sai Paadha Lingam
Sai Paadha Lingam
Sai Paadha Lingam

Saibaba's favour in helping me be devoted to Lord Shiva :

During my Shirdi pilgrimage in june 2008, i prayed sainath that baba must bless me with a ability to always remember his light chanting "sai sai sai"

Gradually sai helped me practice this chanting of "Sai sai sai"

Later i was ble to imagine lord shiva Lingam statue infront of it is SaiBaba's Padhukas

the meaning of the little words "Sai Paadha Lingam" is

The God - Lord Shiva

Who is the creater , to whom everything belongs and who has no form and covers eveything being a eternal Light represented by the Shiva Lingam ( according to my understanding - Theres a philosophy for shivalingam which everyone says but i dont want to get in to it. I am praying sainath to bless me to understand the "Real" nature of shiva lingam and its going to take years)

The Saint

who is pure
who cares for his devotees
who shows loves
whos heart is like a mother
who guides us living in our atman.

The Saints Holy foot

Paadha in tamil means Foot. So the Holy feets of our sadguru ( for me being saint shirdi saibaba )

All combined in one place , one form

Here -- Sai Paadha means the Gurus Feets is all we need ...we have to whole heartedly surrender to our shirdi saibabas holy feets..all our desires, needs, wants and hopes , even the relationships , wealth and health and every single thought must be placed in holy feets of SAINT. If you have any other Guru in Datta parampara or a ancient sidhar , yogi , 63 nayanmar or Dakshinamurthy, you can imagine that the paadhukas here represents their paadhukas.

All we need is to understand that God is One, God encircles all of us, and remembering the Guru and chanting " sai sai sai " , "Om Nahah Shivaya" or any sacred mantra of any God you love, it is enough to help you lead a peaceful simple life ....

This temple is already created in my heart by Sai Baba's blessings i can see the Shiva temple and the statue "Shiva Lingam " shining gloriously By babas grace am also able to offer flowers,do abhisekam and offer my soul as small light of jasmine flowers over the lord shiva lingam and below it the padhukas of Sainath .

Friends, Hope you also like to do this simple meditation, if possible please do it when you are at peace in your house, or do it when you go to any pilgrimage places or in day to day life when ever you travel or do any works.

To be simple

When ever you wish to offer your devotion and love for shirdi saibaba, Your Guru and Lord Shiva


Om Naham Shivaya..................... 108 times, 1008 times

or the entire day...atleast when ever you remember to chant...

and imagine thatyou are gradually building a Lord Shiva temple in your own heart, Theres a beautiful shiva lingam which you are sculpturing with your own hands

then imagine that you offer water, milk abishekam and jasmine flowers or any flowers you love over this Shiv Lingam

I wonder which Gods force made me share the sakthi path with you :

I never requested everyone who reads this to chant "sai paadha lingam" . Do it only if you feel attached to it and if you feel its a message for you . Infact this is called Sakthi path. A message given by guru to his deciple. I shared because i have read in sai satcharitra that we have to share what sai taught us with everyone so that it is benefitting the entire universe.

I am sure some of you can feel the vibration it creates. Even when i wrote this article , i did feel may be i must have kept this "Sai paadha lingam" as secret for my personal devotion alone and do a lord shiva website in a different name. Somehow it is not the selfish "me" who is doing all this friends. You can take sai paadha lingam as a simple spark to encourage you to be more devoted to Lord Shiva and continue your devotion as usual.In kaliyug with many distractions, something like this helps Lord Shiva devotees be more sincere in their devotion.

Probably God made me share my simple pooja with all of you because it might create a spark of devotion in you. In kaliyug , kali purusha is eager to spread kama ( lust ) and sins of speech in all possible ways and even a single drop of work from a ordinary person like me to help everyone lead a simple pure life, to keep their mind so pure as if theres a shiva temple inside themselves and do pooja to shiva lingam is some thing God wants .

Once again i plead,

Offer your bad habits, thoughts and deeds in holy feets of sainath and Show your love on God. God wants your love.

Blessings of Imaginining that you build Shiva temple and offer pooja to Shiva lingam and holy feets of Sadguru :

Lord Dattatreya , Shri Paadha Shri Vallabha, Narasimha Saraswati, Swami samartha, my Guru Shirdi Saibaba, the great ancient Sidha, yogis of bharatam and adi Guru Lord Shiva bless all children of God with peace, prospertity and Happiness

Sai will fill your heart with the enormous glory of God, The sacredness of saints and peace of deep ocean.

Lets chant togather ...

"Om Namah Shivaya
Om Naham Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya"

and or Any good Lord Shiva mantra you like.

To help you realize the power of internal pooja , i have the below holy words from sacred book depicting life of Saint "Narasimha Saraswati".

" The greatest kind of Pooja is the one which is done internally " - Shri Guru Charitra

"Thennatudaya Shivane potri, Ennatavarkum Iraivaa potri "

C.Venkat Raman

always in the holy feets of shirdi saibaba

30 : 04 : 2009

A divine work. You can email me from email address at Shirdi Saibaba temple - . The goal of this site is to spread lord shiva devotion , the value of lighting lamps and chanting Gods mantra regularly. Hope you liked it. My father used to tell me stories about 63 Nayanmars. Their contribution for shivism is enoumous. Let us bow to them chanting "Om Naham Shivaaya "

re written on 04:06:2009


All contents and Photos Copyright protected.

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